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Pretty Nail Ideas

Need the quickest and cheapest way to accessorize throughout the seasons? Worry not. Here’s some pretty nail ideas. Dress up your fingertips and toes with extremely cute manicures and pedicures! Here’s some fabulous new nail polish ideas for the beach, date night, the office and anywhere else in between.

Pair up a sweet nail polish shade with the bad- girl shoes. These can be dangerously counterbalanced with sexy stilettos, say like swimsuit model. The Alyssa Miller model would also do well here especially when coupled with a pretty pastel hue. Talk of Lilac nail polish; looks fierce surrounded by beautiful studs.

If maybe you cannot get away with a wearing a tiara, you can at least glam up your Monday all through Friday routine with  a royal manicure. Slick on an Essie Nail Color in allure. This is definitely perfect for the office, a job interview or even a date night with your very own prince charming.

What about jazzing up your pedicure with a can’t miss nail polish? Well, flesh-tone heels give the illusion of longer legs. Likewise, a vibrant pedicure poking out peep-toes jazzes up the neutral shoe giving the allusion of a thrilling outfit. Get all lacquered up in a hot cherry nail polish shade. Incredible!

You as well have a chance to shine on with metallic manicure. Want your outfit to sound like a glitter overkill? Go for a bling-y manicure then team up with, say a sequined dress. What more can you want? Don’t miss such a look.

Consequently, for a manicure that lasts, remember to do your preparation work well. Use a nipper to trim any hangnails and push back the cuticles with an orange stick. Remove oil and dirt with polish remover and rem to etch the surface with  a buffer block; not a nail file since it can damage your nail plate.

Aren’t you spoilt for choice? Just take any.